Emre Atsür — 3x3 Bielefeld General Manager in an interview for #ULE3x3 about the 3rd season and the team's plans
We are very happy and excited to be a part of the United League Europe 3x3. I followed the #ULE3x3 for the last 2 seasons and am amazed by the organisation and the level of competition. We feel lucky to be a part of the best 3X3 action there is!

This is without a doubt the best 3X3 action there is in the winter season. The league is just fun to watch. The level of toughness and the quality of play is very close to the World Tour. Also the professional streaming, the whole programme around the games is impressive.

We are the new guys in the league. So we might have a few surprises for the teams which don't know us. We are a shooting team that shares the ball well. We will have to get used to the physical game.

We have 2 goals. First of all, learn and get better against the best competition there is. Second goal is to make it to the final tournament.

Germany is a 3X3 start-up! I am pleased with the development so far but we need more teams and a winter league similar to the United League.

My life is 3X3! I first saw it on 3x3 play. I don't think I missed any stops after that. I contacted Alexander last year to start the talks for #3x3bielefeld. It was an intensive and friendly but tough negotiation. General Manager #ULE3x3 decided to give us the ticket after our performance at the World Tour Stop in Doha. We feel very privileged and thankful to be a part #ULE3x3. We are planning to stay!
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