About AS Monaco 3x3 and the potential holding of one of the #ULE3x3 tours in the territory of the Principality of Monaco.
Oleksiy, what do you think about AS Monaco's participation in United League Europe 3x3?

Until recently Basketball 3x3 was considered a street game, but lately it has rapidly turned into a professional sports. Thanks to strong FIBA efforts it became an Olympic sport. #ULE3x3 itself is already a fairly serious project that has gained serious recognition outside of Russia.

How did you find out about the United League Europe 3x3 and what goals does AS Monaco set for the upcoming #ULE3x3 season?

I've known about the ULE3X3 since we've met with General Manager Alexander Fomin.

We've had warm relationships with the CEO of the ULE3x3 since we've studied together at the Euroleague Basketball Institute, where we learned many of the finer points of sports clubs and leagues management and marketing.

During the studying period Alexander and his team have been preparing the first season of the league. Already then I saw his huge dedication to the project. I am very impressed by his unusual approach to the management of the tournament, and especially the choice of unique locations for the games. In addition, #ULE3x3 is very strong in terms of marketing. I think this is a huge plus, because it's hard to create a quality product and much harder to find the right pathway to present it to the audience.

As for our goals for the third season of the United League Europe 3x3, I wouldn't set a concert target, since we're the debutants in the tournament. But trust me, every single Monaco's project always have high expectations.

Frankly, I believe in Anthony Christophe's experience, and I hope that under his leadership AS Monaco 3x3 will be able to make a lot of noise.

We can't help but ask you about the so-called conflict between the Euroleague and FIBA, what's your personal opinion on it?

Definitely it is not in my competence to give comments of such a kind. I'll simply present you few facts: I met Alexander while studying at the Euroleague Institute, the United League Europe 3x3 operates under FIBA governance. Our men senior team participates in 7DAYS EuroCup, a tournament held under the aegis of Euroleague Basketball, but our 3x3 team gladly accepted the invitation of #ULE3x3. I guess the main thing is to try to develop our favorite sport by rounding the sharp corners.

Thank you for such an interesting answer to the previous question, indeed our values are unity and working as a team. Tell us, how would you assess the likelihood of holding one of the league's tours in the Principality of Monaco?

We discussed it with Alexander a year ago, and for my part I was very interested in preparing a #ULE3x3 tour in Monaco, but a force major due to the coronavirus infection COVID-19 forced us to put this dialogue on hold.

This year I hope to come to St. Petersburg to enjoy ULE3x3 show in person and to continue our discussion with the League's President Sergey Fomin as well as Alexander about the possibility of hosting league games in the Principality of Monaco. I think it could be a "win-win situation" both for the League and for our club, because hosting such a big event would definitely contribute to the development of the 3x3 basketball in Monaco.

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