"Tri zvezdochki" team is ready to light up on the courts of the United league Europe 3x3 in March!
The team will come to the tours in the line-up of 6 people:

• Nikita Padun
• Sergey Kozlov
• Denis Volkonskiy
• Pavel Alexievich
• Ivan Pyanzin
• Pyotr Stepanyants

22-year-old Nikita Padun has been playing 3x3 basketball since 2018, took the 53rd place in the Russian rankings.

Sergey Kozlov from Belarus has been participating in 3x3 tournaments for more than 6 years, and holds the 12th position in the ranking of his country.

The oldest players in the team are Denis Volkonskiy and Pavel Alexievich.

As well as young, but no less strong players: Ivan Pyanzin, who played in tournaments for "Bulldogs", and Pyotr Stepanyants — also a player of MSU team.

In season 2, following the results of 4 rounds, "Tri zvezdochki" took the 9th position in the rating. Will the updated team line-up be able to rise higher this year, or maybe take the main prize?
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