We start the new season with rebranding!
Meet the updated logo of the United League Europe 3x3, now we have officially opened a new page in the history of the League.

The logo update is dictated by modern sports trends in minimalism and the need to use the League logo on a variety of visual media.

Sports design is confidently moving towards simplification and minimalism, the competition for user attention is enormous: the less details there are in the logo, the better it is remembered
It is important for us that the logo is recognized after several "touches" with it and that any person can recognize it after a certain time. In the process of development, we left the image of a nested doll assigned to the league. In the updated version there is geometry - a trend in the logos of this year. The circle, meaning eternity and completeness, creates a full-fledged picture, which allows us to perceive the logo as a whole.

Black and white colors convey minimalism and symbolize power. The font has changed, now it has become more clear and sharp, which indicates the seriousness and fighting spirit for the new season.

We hope that the updated logo will be appreciated in the global basketball community in the upcoming season, in the preparation of which a lot of effort has been made.
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