Nikolajs Mazurs basketball 3x3
Nikolajs Mazurs - head coach of the basketball team "Parma", Latvian expert who is well versed in all that is related to basketball in all its form in both the classical and the 3x3.
The first question that I would like to discuss - your attitude towards basketball 3x3 as a sport. Do you follow any competition? Are there any favorites among the teams? Your opinion that the sport became Olympic.

In Latvia, there is a very strong movement of 3x3, which is called the «Ghetto Basket». Its organizer - Raimonds Elbakyans with which we once played together, reworked classic streetball in this movement. «Ghetto Basket» - a competition that takes place in Latvia for 12 years and is very popular among young people. I think this is a new direction for the guys who can not get into the main team, and they have a chance to realize itself on the level of 3x3 games. Now world tours Latvian team is performing at a high level, earn your points, which are necessary in order to get to the Olympics and the World Cup, and it does so very successfully.

When the Olympic Committee recognized this Olympic sport, then of course a lot of the guys began to engage more seriously, movement became even more popular, and I think that progress is in 3x3 basketball is increasing every year.

The game itself is changing as well as the rules: before there were many power struggles, this increased the guys "with character", who are not afraid of contact and ready for physical combat. Besides, it has not previously been judges, and players can judge for yourself: Was there foul, who won and who lost, but now, of course, appeared on the official competition judge, and so it became physically impossible to play. But anyway, this hardening, it's arrogance, play one-on-one game tenacity: these qualities are the players, and I think that this kind of helps develop character, not afraid of contact, which is not many like a classic basketball.

If you compare basketball 3x3. In your opinion, how it develops in Latvia and in Russia?

I can not say how Russia develops in the form of 3x3, but I can give the example of the successful players: Maxim Dybovsky of Parma was in the team, Cyril Pisklov, whom I know since the Dynamo, was also in the team. Regarding the Latvian players, of course, I know a lot, as we crossed them personally: with someone in the games, someone was able to coach in the youth teams, against someone we played.

I can say that the movement of the 3x3 has a great perspective, there are leaders who are engaged in it, and it all depends on those people who are young guys, motivate, and create conditions to ensure that the team can perform at the World Cup, to fully train and had high motivation - to get to the Olympic Games.

Can a classic basketball player to become successful in a 3x3? Or it needs special preparation?

As a rule, the player is a player versatile 3x3 plan that is able to beat one on one, can fight physically, to act in defense against different players and under the basket, and the perimeter. The dynamics of the game is very large, since there is no stopping after each goal scored, so slow players it is quite difficult. The game is very fast, it is required that all players know how to throw, know how to dribble, to choose and have been diversified. In Latvia, there are athletes who have played in the classic basketball, but with the advent of 3x3 tournament play went there and played there successfully. I think that in the near future in Russia, and in Latvia and around the world appear professional clubs in this sport, it's only a matter of time.

Is it possible that by looking 3x3 tournament, you will notice the player that you want to invite to play in your club?

In every competition there are talented guys that somewhere had not noticed, and it is possible that they did not show themselves in any period of time. Can players of basketball 3x3 switch to classic professional basketball? I think that this is possible. All depends precisely on the basketball itself.

In our first tournament will involve teams not only from Russia but also from Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus and the Netherlands. In your opinion, which team a better chance?

Since this is an international event, which will act as a team from Latvia, I'll be rooting for the players of the country.

I would like to wish all participants of the tournament, to fight fair, fight heart laid out, go to the purpose, and of course, let the best man win. I wish that the players had no injuries that had been a fair fight, and the competition itself will determine the strongest. I wish you success!

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