Interview with the Director General of the League: Sergey Fomin Gennadyevich
Sergey G. Fomin, "This is a new format, this is not carried out in Russia, and we look forward to the success and further development of this project."

Which city for the Europa League 3x3 addressed?

We were ready platforms in Moscow and Minsk, Riga, but the correct strategic decision was taken to conduct tours only in the cultural capital. The concentration of all powers in St. Petersburg will create a quality product that will show us their potential.

At what points in the selection of St. Petersburg you rested?

Geography selection of the league based on points that are known throughout Europe and around the world. Of course, St. Petersburg - cultural capital of our country and one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It was a priority, and in its basketball tradition. basketball basketball culture itself was born in the nineteenth century in this city. The famous "Spartacus" with Kondrashin and Belov, the presence at the moment of the two professional teams - Zenit (VTB United League) and Spartak (Super), strong support from the Basketball Federation of St. Petersburg, all this creates a kind of aura of basketball.

After the test of the tournament "Cup Promo Europa League 3x3» in May 2018, there was an infrastructure that allows us to do the following steps, based on the first experience.

More choice Petersburg influenced by the fact that in the Leningrad region (Sosnovy Bor) is the Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant, which is part of Rosenergoatom. These partners have great support the league, the project "Dynamo Rosenergoatom" and the development of basketball in general.

Petersburg is one of the centers of 3x3 basketball in our country. Teams from the city for 15 years occupied a leading position in all competitions, which are held on the territory of Russia and Europe.

What are the functions and purposes of performing the league?

The goal of the tournament - to popularize basketball 3x3, as a new Olympic sport and it is very important the presence of non-governmental organizations (approx Russia Unites.), Federations (Basketball Federation SPB) and the basketball community (Neva Basketball League).

UEFA Europa puts a priority on the development of basketball 3x3 in our country. We very much hope that the players who will play in the league, will take a leading position in the national team 3x3. We provide direct assistance, both the Russian Basketball Federation and FIBA 3x3 as a whole, because in Tokyo, it is positioned as an Olympic sport.

League teams will be divided into 2 categories: Elite and PRO. In the Elite division involves only 8 teams, 3 - the Russian, the other foreign. This division teams enter by invitation only. The opening act will be carried out in the game PRO division, which will consist (each tour can be changed teams this division) of the 12 teams.

This new format, in Russia, this is not carried out, so we hope for the success and further development of this project.

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