Europa League 3x3 is a unique project representing the first professional 3x3 basketball league, which will unite the best teams of Europe in shopping centers.

The goal of the tournament is to popularize basketball 3x3, as a new Olympic sport and the presence of public organizations, federations (St. Petersburg Basketball Federation), basketball communities (Nevsky Basketball League), professional clubs (Zenit) is very important here.
The Europa League prioritizes the development of 3x3 basketball in our country. We very much hope that the players who will play in the league will take the leading position in the national team 3x3. We provide direct assistance to both the Russian Basketball Federation and 3x3 basketball as a whole, because in Tokyo it is positioned as an Olympic sport.
League teams will be divided into 2 categories: Elite and PRO. In the Elite division, only 8 teams participate, 3 are Russian and the rest are foreign. In this division teams are invited only. Warming-up will be held in the PRO division, which will consist of 12 teams (the teams of this division can change each round).

"This is a new format, this has not been done in Russia yet, so we hope for the success and further development of this project", - says League Director General Sergei G. Fomin in an interview with our press service.

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