3x3 is considered to be a street sport number one. Since the first official event at the Youth Olympic Games in 2010 at the FIBA had an ambitious vision of the game:


3x3 is simple and flexible enough to play anywhere. All you need is a ring and six players. Events can be arranged outdoors and indoors, in the iconic places, to bring basketball to people directly.


The rules are very simple and are designed for fast and exciting game. Endless music brings authentic subculture atmosphere that attracts new young audience to the games.


3x3 - it is an opportunity for new players, organizers and the countries move from the streets to the world level. Game Stars play in a professional tour and one of the most prestigious multi-sport events.

It took seven years of streetball to get to the outdoor areas at the very top of Mount Olympus of sports in the Olympic program. Traditionally, the Olympics in basketball was played two sets of medals - in the women's and men's tournaments. The new discipline at the Olympic Games 2020 will be attended by 8 men and 8 women's teams among them will be determined by the holders of the medals in the women's and men's tournaments. In basketball, 3x3 each team consists of three main players and one reserve. Match lasts 10 minutes, or until such time as one of the teams will dial 21 points. Games are held in a special area with one basket.

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