The next rounds of the United League of Europe 3x3 will be held March 14-15 in the Peter the Rainbow SEC
A new Olympic sport, 3x3 basketball, gained permanent residence in St. Petersburg. In March, the third and fourth rounds of the United League of Europe will be held 3x3. "Basketball cannot be divided into varieties," emphasizes the Director General of the United European League 3x3 Sergey Fomin. - At the new Olympic sport drew close attention in Russia, Europe, and throughout the world. Our project is unique: of the eight teams represented in the Elite division, six are in the Top 25 of FIBA 3x3 world rankings.

Among the eight teams represented in the strongest division, there are three Russian and five foreign ones. In addition to the cash prize, the winner of a series of six rounds will receive a ticket to the FIBA Masters 3x3 tournament, and the prize winners - to the FIBA Challenger 3x3 series. In these series, an international team rating is formed, and the results of the FIBA Masters 3x3 directly affect the Olympic selection in Tokyo.

For a victory in each round of the United League of Europe, 3x3 team earns 100 points, for second place - 80, for third - 70, for fourth - 60, for fifth - 50, for sixth - 45, for seventh - 40, for eighth - 35

Position after two rounds.

1. "Gagarin" Russia - 180 points. 2-3. RIGA Ghetto Latvia and TeamNL Netherlands - 150. 4. "CSC RosEnergoAtom" Russia - 130. 5. "Inamomo" Russia - 110. 6-7. APES & HUMANS Lithuania and Humpolec Bernard Czech Republic - 85. 8. ViM UnionBelarus - 70.

Basketball 3x3 - a dynamic and unpredictable game. This was confirmed by the first two tours, which took place in January and February. The winner of the first, TeamNL, in the second could not even leave the group to the semifinals. After two rounds, five teams at once retain the chances of winning the series. The third and fourth rounds will be held March 14-15. Such a schedule makes the competition even more unpredictable.

The venue for the tours will be Peter Raduga shopping and entertainment center, where the second round was also held. "We try not only to attract people into our complex with purchases and entertainment, but also to give them pleasant surprises," said Alex Budarin, special projects manager at Peter Raduga shopping and entertainment complex. - These will be the tours of the United League of Europe 3x3.

We invite media representatives to the United League 3x3 tours. Games start - 12:00
League organizers: Rosenergoatom Concern and Leningrad NPP; Center for sports training "Dinamo-RosEnergoAtom"; Agency of modern sports technology; BC "Zenit"; Russian Basketball Federation; Sportego; Basketball Federation of St. Petersburg.
Information partners:; Rusbasketball; VKontakte community "WE LOVE BASKETBALL"; MLBL; Strongbasket; Overtime magazine; community Vkontakte "Basketball".

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