Application company for the qualifying tournament of the United League Europe 3x3 Grodno Tour
The Grodno tour will be held on December 15 in the Belarusian city of Grodno, it will become the qualifying stage for the second season of the United League 3x3.

Rules: All games are held according to the rules of FIBA 3x3

Contribution: 315 $

Location: Belarus, the city of Grodno

What is needed from the participants:
- apply
- pass the selection
- pay a fee
- get to the venue of the tournament



What participants get:
1. A ticket to the second season of the United League of 3x3 in the division "3x3 God" for the winner of the tour

2. Wild Card of one of the teams at our discretion in the division "3x3 of God"

3. Financial Wild Card in the Future Division of the second season of the United League 3x3

There is very little time left, so hurry up to become a member!
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