Meet another participant of the third season of #ULE3x3 — «COP Moscow»!
Moscow guys will come to St. Petersburg with a large updated line-up:

• Semen Debda
• Nikita Vavilov
• Ivan Kuzub
• Gleb Stanislavchik
• Alexandr Shadrin
• Sergey Vasenin

Semen Debda — a player with 5 years of experience in 3x3 basketball, takes the 14th place in the rating of Russia. In previous seasons of the league, he played for BC Skolkovo and Inanomo.

The youngest players in team: Nikita Vavilov, who played for BC Skolkovo, and Ivan Kuzub, who played for Red Faces last year.

26-year-old Gleb Stanislavchik — a graduate of the Moscow Academy of Physical Culture basketball team, began his career in 3x3 basketball last year and played for the team "Rukamyach".

The most experienced player is Alexandr Shadrin, who played for the teams "Inanomo", "The Ballers United".

The oldest player in the team, 33-year-old Sergey Vasenin, previously played for the teams "Red Faces", "The Ballers United" and "Play for Hard".

"Team hodgepodge" or strong line-up? We'll see the guys in action soon!
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