The Netherlands is back with us! Read Team NL coach Brian Benjamin's interview about the upcoming season and their participation.
What do you think of the news about your team's participation in 3rd season of ULE3x3?

I think it is great news! We played in the 1st and 2nd editions of the ULE3x3 so I think we are one of the teams that helped establish the reputation of the ULE3x3.

What are your plans and goals for the tournament?

We see the ULE3x3 as an excellent league to prepare for the Olympic qualification tournaments in May and June 2021 and the FIBA Pro Tour 2021 season. This is the best competition to find this early in the season. Teams want to win because there is something at stake, prize money, Challengers and a World Tour spot. The goal of every tournament that we play in is to win obviously but this time also as preparation for the Olympic qualification.

Team NL has been in the league since its first season, what has changed in that time?

A lot I would say. Every edition has improved. The hotel, the venue, the participating teams, prize money. But also the quality of the event itself, the production has Challenger level feel to it, the refereeing has improved (still some steps to go), livestreams quality and commentary. They've done a good job of improving things year to year.

Sjoerd and Jesper stopped their 3x3 careers, what do you think about that?

It is a great loss when you lose 2 players like Jesper and Sjoerd who have been pioneers of 3x3 basketball in the Netherlands. They brought a high level of experience, determination and game mentality that is needed to perform on a certain level. They are also great guys to have on the team, I will mis them a lot.

What will the team be like in the upcoming ULE3x3 season?

We have some familiar faces on our roster that have played either the 1st or 2nd season of the ULE3x3 like julian Jaring, Dimeo van der Horst and Ross Bekkering. We have some new players that will make their debut because we have a larger selection for the national team. All in all I think we are more versatile and we are looking forward to compete with the top teams.

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